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Items made with a lot of care

Family business founded in 1991, prestigious Nationwide dedicated export, import, manufacturing and marketing of natural feathers. We perform unique works in Spain for the Royal Guard, Spanish Army, Guilds, Brotherhoods, Bands, Fashion Companies, manufacturers Touched and also work for individuals. We have more than 35 dealers nationwide.

It is a pride for our company to have as clients to the Royal Family and the English Court, among others.

Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich feathers are a product highly valued because of its great beauty and magnificence. In DelCisne Feathers, it are destined for decorating Roman Helmets in processions of Easter Week and for making high fashion articles. We also make cluster of feathers for horses and “Aguacilillos”.

Anades Feathers

Anade feathers are highly prized in the textile industry because it are ideal, among others, to design striking headdress. Also, it are used for the manufacture of cluster of feathers in helmets for Gala. In DelCisne Feathers you will find the best selection of articles made with this precious material.

Peacock Feathers

These feathers are some of the protagonists in our items because of represent a great attraction for our customers. Peacock feathers have got beautiful color and natural shine. Available in 2 sizes, visitt our catalog and you could see our product range.

Rooster Feathers

If you want to shine very elegant designs made with First Quality, colourful and tough feathers, DelCisne Feathers is the page that you are looking for.

Our Work

We show you some samples of our products, such as clusters of feathers of white-tailed and black-tailed where you can find in Baena (Córdoba), Puente Genil (Córdoba) and the horses and  carriage of the Spanish Royal House.

Clusters of feathers of white-tailed and black-tailed

Baena (Córdoba)

Clusters of feathers of white-tailed and black-tailed

Puente Genil (Córdoba)

The horses and  carriage of the Spanish Royal House

Little cluster of feathers to the Volunteers of Aragon

Music Bands

 Cluster of feathers for  Gala

Elegant products

Feather Fabrics, Feather Fans and much more.

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